For food & alcohol lovers

Behind the great synagogue on Allenby Street, there is a happy Mediterranean gastro bar. The intimate & carefully designed space creates, along the pleasant music playing in the background, a homely feeling that you'll like to sink in. The name of the place is SHISHKO (the fat man in Bulgarian) and represent better than most the Balkan hospitality, that makes each and every visitor to sight from pleasure… 

Tables at Shishko are full of tasty dishes from all around the Balkans. They came from our grandmothers to the new generation, from there to our enthusiastic customers that fill up the place daily. The celebration begins with our appetizers, which starts with a fresh Hala bread, the best way to "wipe out" our dips. Assuming you can keep away some of it, until the rest of the food arrive: our famous Bulgarian kebab, the sandwich with kashkaval cheese filled kebab, the beef sausages, the fish & chips, the slouvaki and more.

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